Plant Productivity and

Quality Technical Assessments

In most cases, facility production is a combination of operator skill, incoming material quality, and production equipment capability. If any of these are inadequate facility output can be negatively impacted.

For example, in some of the recent more demanding markets, an exit temperature ranging from 480-500 °C which is off by as little as 5°C will result in properties which do not meet customer requirements.


Operator Skill


Material Quality


Equipment Capability


Visit Facility

Alcereco staff will come on site to your location.

Further Analysis

In some cases further experimental analyses can be carried out at Alcereco’s or your facility.

Facility Assessment

Alcereco staff can visit your facility to do a full evaluation of the product quality and process capabilities.

Plan of Action

At the end of the visit, recommendations will be made for any improvements or ongoing analysis required.
Grease stain invisible at plant detected after final fabrication

Regardless of incoming material quality and operator skill this will lead to inconsistent material properties and will not be acceptable. Similarly, we have observed there are sometimes apparently minor machine issues which can significantly affect surface quality in downstream operators, many of which are not visible to the unaided operator’s eye

Figure 3 Lab based heat streaks (top) created to replicate conditions seen after analysis of WR spray conditions (bottom)

With our extensive experience with downstream customers we can also suggest what is, and what is not, likely to be acceptable quality for specific products.

We have a solid understanding of the complex effects of machine conditions and operating practices on both productivity and product quality starting at casting and proceeding through an integrated facility all the way to finishing. This depth of understanding ranges from surface quality to microstructural effects of processing on materials properties.

Roll marks visible on hot rolled slab and corresponding work rolls. This would lead to unacceptable surface quality for many high-value added applications.

We also have fundamentally based knowledge in the processing requirements to achieve consistent operating conditions; as is often required to operate at as high a speed/mass throughput as possible.