ALCERECO’s extensive expertise is available to our customers to develop the right materials and processes for their applications. Our team of scientists and engineers brings hundreds of years of specialized light metals-based research and development with a focus on practical, reliable, cost-effective solutions to customer needs.


High Purity Aluminium Based Casting & Processing

ALCERECO has excellent melt chemistry control that allows us to cast materials that range from a super purity aluminum base (4N+) to a recycle-based product. We can supply very high purity materials used in aluminum anodes for Aluminum-Air batteries, sputtering targets, etc. in lot sizes from 1 kg to 6 tonnes.

Custom Alloys

ALCERECO has the ability to make very high purity aluminum alloys in lot sizes – from 1 kg up to 6 tonnes with a wide range of form factors (extrusion billet, small sheet ingot, hardener stock, shot, etc.).

Metal Matrix Composites

ALCERECO has both the equipment and expertise to produce metal matrix composite materials (aluminum with refractory and metallic reinforcement).

Scandium Applications

ALCERECO has a comprehensive program to develop Aluminum-Magnesium-Scandium alloys and applications for aerospace, transportation and consumer applications.


Heat Exchanger Materials

ALCERECO has extensive knowledge and expertise in heat exchanger product and process development. We have a unique in-house ability to hot-bond and produce clad brazing sheet materials, for prototyping (typically a few kilograms). ALCERECO’s experts also are familiar with many of the production and in-service problems that occur with heat exchanger materials. Whether you have issues with product quality or need interrogate why a component has failed in-service then our forensic metallurgists can help.


Extrusion Billet Casting

ALCERECO has two DC casting pits that can produce extrusion billets in 17 different diameters, ranging in size from 81 mm up to 413 mm; with lengths up to 2,800 mm. We routinely cast standard AA extrusion alloys and we perform novel alloy trials for new products. Additionally, our casting pit is available on a rental basis for new mould trials or for casting process changes.