Andrew Howells

ALCERECO’s Business Development Manager, Andrew Howells, brings more than 25 years of technical experience in aluminum R&D specializing in product innovation and development, and manufacturing process optimization. A named inventor and multiple patent holder, Mr. Howells earned his BSc in Applied Chemistry at Leicester Polytechnic, and his MSc in Advanced Materials Technology at Surrey University. Until his appointment to ALCERECO, he provided technical consulting services to suppliers, manufacturers and buyers of custom-rolled aluminum products. The bulk of Mr. Howells’ career, however, was spent with Alcan and its spinout rolled products company, Novelis, in the U.K., Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada. His expertise covers a diverse range of aluminum rolled products, including project leadership for the development of fit-for-purpose products from DC, Belt-cast and TRC stock. While Mr. Howells is intimately familiar with technologies covering the whole spectrum of aluminum rolled products, he holds particular expertise in the fields of heat exchanger materials, foil and light gauge products, for which he is a named inventor on 10 U.S. patents. Mr. Howells’ in-demand knowledge of aluminum rolling operations and extensive plant experience has led to regular and extended consulting assignments to more than 20 facilities throughout Europe and North America. His wide-ranging experience, direct customer interactions and a proven ability to resolve technical issues with practical solutions have earned Mr. Howells an international reputation as a sought-after industry expert.