Process Development/Specialty Services

Building from a long history in product and process development in aluminum, ALCERECO can work with a diverse range of aluminum alloys and aluminum-based materials and processes. We have the tools and knowledge to take on leading-edge projects. These can range from such things as the development of conventional alloys, the development of highly optimized Aluminum-based alloys tailored to your company’s processing capabilities, suggest new or alternative thermal and mechanical treatments to improve the product, study the role(s) of minor solute additions to enhance particular physical, mechanical and/or chemical properties. While our particular focus is on materials that can deliver greater strength and functionality than traditional materials, we believe that the possibilities for process and product development are fundamentally limitless.

Mechanical Testing

ALCERECO’s testing laboratory is dedicated to understanding the mechanical properties of materials including tensile and servo-hydraulic mechanical testing systems that can perform over a wide range of loads, strain rates, and sample dimensions. We also offer microhardness, hardness, bend testing, fatigue testing and creep testing among other testing services.

Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES)

ALCERECO provides Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) analysis to commercial compositional levels and at a finer resolution to traceable standards. We have the ability to develop the analytical procedures for new materials. This work can be augmented with on-site wet chemistry via Atomic Absorption (AA) analysis.


We perform both Optical and SEM-based metallography on a wide range of materials including light metals and ferrous alloys, metal matrix composites, metal filter media, ceramics and polymers (with coatings systems required for electrical conductivity). 

Electron Microscopy

ALCERECO can examine microstructures using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for the analysis of composition (EDS) and crystallography (EBSP). We also have a specialized stage for in-situ bending in the SEM. More importantly we have the years of expertise interpreting information to relate it to material/process performance. We also have two Transmission Electron Microscopes (100kV and 300kV), along with the ability to perform ultramicrotomy for sample preparation.

Thermal Analysis

ALCERECO is equipped with a suite of thermal analysis instruments. We’re able to perform Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for phase detection and phase transformations in materials. Additionally, we provide Thermal Gravimetric Analyses (TGA) – increasing our ability to measure changes in both the physical and chemical characteristics of materials.

Failure Analysis

ALCERECO’s forensic metallurgists hold a wealth of experience in the identification and resolution of production problems, or the in-service life of most aluminum fabricated products including but not limited to: issues with streaking or holes in converter foil; splits in aluminum beverage cans; leaks in automotive radiators; inability to form food container trays; splits in car door panels during stamping, etc.

Facility Technical Assessment

ALCERECO’s team is intimately knowledgeable about all areas of aluminum fabrication. We have solidification, DC and strip casting experts and rolling process and product specialists available to provide advisory services. We provide solutions to specific, material issues and general issues related to productivity, recovery or product quality improvement.

Metal Matrix Composite

ALCERECO has both the equipment and expertise to produce metal matrix composite materials (aluminum with refractory and metallic reinforcement) in a range of sizes and conditions.