From its outset ALCERECO has aligned itself to smaller (though profitable) niche markets and products, where even modest amounts of product can make an important contribution to a start-up, may assist in the continued economic viability of a company and/or in a lowest-cost way may identify a new opportunity for an established firm.


ALCERECO works with Aerospace companies to develop advanced materials. Specialty alloys such as Al-Mg-Sc and Al-Li are providing aerospace companies with options to lower weight without sacrificing strength.


Personal Electronic Devices have a short development cycle time and there is intense competition among industry rivals to have the most innovative products. Alcereco’s expertise in specialty alloys will open new opportunities to lower weight, improve performance, and provide novel surface finishes, for the next generation of electronics.


Whether the sport is cycling, baseball, or golf, athletes are always looking for a performance edge. Alcereco materials expertise can be used to develop the frames, bats, and shafts that give athletes an advantage.


The transportation market is seeking ways to meet the challenges of future performance standards by investing R&D efforts in lightweighting. ALCERECO can help deliver new cost-effective alternatives to meet weight reduction goals through specialty alloys and composites.


There are many different companies offering educational courses for companies and so do we. We can tailor courses around your particular needs. Whether it’s learning about aluminum sheet metallurgy, ingot casting technologies, sheet product requirements, fundamentals of aluminum metallurgy or whatever, we can tailor the course to your particular needs. Secondly, we offer our courses on your site or at ours. Our bias is to have you visit us (we think that Kingston, Ontario is a nice place to visit) where we have access to conference rooms, video conferencing and it gives us an opportunity to show you some of our facilities.


Given our centuries of person-years experience in the aluminum business, we’ve got a lot of nascent knowledge and recent information about developments in the industry. You don’t have to be a multi-national corporation to experience the knowledge that comes from being associated with them. Why shouldn’t your company get access to that level of experience? To that end we’ve recently created a number of new initiatives to help you technically advance your company and your employees.