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These courses can be given at your facility or ours and tailored to your specific production process and alloys.

ALCERECO staff have hundreds of years of experience in both the metallurgy and processing of aluminum, and have developed training courses to help employees who could benefit from a deeper understanding of what is happening to the product during the production process.

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Sheet Metallurgy

Many production facilities perform well when everything is running as expected. However when something goes wrong it is remarkable how many facilities have nobody who understands what the process is doing to the basic metallurgy of the product. This course covers the fundamentals of metallurgy with a full focus on aluminum sheet. The course begins with an introduction to basic crystallography and progresses through the various alloying elements and their contributions to different properties of aluminum alloys. Subsequently, the effects of different casting technologies and thermo-mechanical processing routes are discussed. This general course can be tailored to suit whichever alloy system and processing route your facility uses. This course is designed for technical staff who need a greater understanding of aluminum metallurgy in their day-to-day operations

General Components of Rolling

With most modern rolling mills being largely “black boxes”, fundamental understanding of the processing of aluminum through rolling mills is declining. This course introduces the attendee to the fundamentals of aluminum rolling. This starts with a description of typical process routes for aluminum sheet production and the selection of different rolling mills and proceeds through the engineering of a rolling mill, the automation controls required, and the product quality implications of having problems in any of the many systems in a modern rolling mill. There are sections of the course dedicated to both hot rolling and cold rolling and the similarities and differences between the two. This course is designed for personnel who may be new to the rolling operations or staff who have “always done it this way”.

Aluminum Metallurgy and Processing

Designed more for staff with slightly less direct day-to-day interaction with either metal or mills, this course introduces the basic terminology and understanding of it. Given in alternating metallurgy and processing modules, this course covers fundamental crystallography of aluminum and the various components of rolling without going into as much depth as the two more dedicated courses also presented by ALCERECO.

Continuous Casting

In the current market for high efficiency operations, continuous casting is rapidly expanding business for aluminum manufacturers. This course covers the distinct differences between the traditional direct chill (DC) cast and hot rolled production routes historically used in the aluminum industry and the more modern continuous casting (CC) processes now making significant inroads into the industry. Various types of casters will be discussed and the differences between typical DC ingot metallurgy and CC metallurgy will be explained. This course is designed for staff at facilities where CC material is competing directly with DC or facilities where CC is thought to be an option.