About Alcereco

Who We Are

ALCERECO is an advanced materials development company and the creator of high performing, high-value graphene-related energy storage and production technologies. Established in 2014, our diverse technology and metallurgical services operate from the Grafoid Global Technology Centre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, a world-class technology complex and Novelis’former global research and development facility (2013) – originally the Alcan International R&D laboratory in 2005. Our core business capabilities include the provision of specialty processing and product development services to companies innovating in a diverse range of markets, including aerospace, automotive, electronics and consumer/sporting goods. More recently, ALCERECO established in-house capabilities to develop and manufacture a significant range of tunable, graphene oxide-based, large area, ultra-thin hydrophilic and hydrophobic industrial coatings and is exploring such areas as coated aluminum anodes, coated copper cathodes, battery separators, and; we are an advanced stage developer of next generation Aluminum-Air batteries. ALCERECO’s business introduces scientific and process innovation to assist its clients’ produce leading edge materials including the development of aluminum-scandium alloys, specialty ceramics, composites and graphene-enhanced materials. The company has a particular focus on lightweight materials capable of delivering greater strength, functionality and exceptional performance. (An expanded overview of our technical services can be found on our Technologies Page). ALCERECO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grafoid Inc., a world-leading graphene R&D, application development and technology licensing company.