Alloy & Process

Alcereco staff have over 600 yrs of experience in development of both alloys and the processes to produce them which can be brought to bear on your product ideas. 

Hot & Cold Rolling

Direct Chill (DC) Casting

Alcereco’s highly experienced staff has access to all the facilities required to carry out trials to develop new alloys including:

This production equipment is supported by a suite of optical & electron microscopy and mechanical testing apparatus for evaluation and development of material properties.

Ni foam before and after 50% hot rolling

A recent example of a breakthrough development of both product and process would be the patent-pending process to develop a many layered graphene coating process, to apply that to a surface, and to functionalize that surface to yield a tunable wetting angle for water.

Wettability of graphene-free and graphene-coated substrate

As an adjunct to this Alcereco developed a fundamental understanding of the surface conditions of various substrates that enhance the adhesion of the graphene-like coating to almost any substrate. Both of these problems were solved by Alcereco staff and a novel product with remarkable material properties was born.