ALCERECO is a globally recognized expert in advanced materials development;

process engineering, product developmen and the creator of high performing, high-value graphene-related energy storage and production technologies.

As technologists, we are strategically and operationally positioned to supply both current and future markets and continue to be an in-demand global source for expertise in metallurgical consulting, training, materials and standards testing services, aluminum casting and contracted product development services.

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Our Position

ALCERECO holds a unique, commercially advantageous position with virtually no competition for the delivery of the bespoke materials we produce and the technical services we provide worldwide.

Additionally, we hold the exclusive global rights to manufacture the GrafeneX line of diverse, ultra-thin graphene coatings for large area industrial applications. ALCERECO is a key technology contributor to the 2GL green energy platform of graphite, graphene and lithium technology and business innovation companies.

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ALCERECO works with Aerospace companies to develop advanced materials. Specialty alloys such as Al-Mg-Sc and Al-Li are providing aerospace companies with options to lower weight without sacrificing strength.


Personal Electronic Devices have a short development cycle time and there is intense competition among industry rivals to have the most innovative products. Alcereco's expertise in specialty alloys will open new opportunities to lower weight, improve performance, and provide novel surface finishes, for the next generation of electronics.


Whether the sport is cycling, baseball, or golf, athletes are always looking for a performance edge. Alcereco materials expertise can be used to develop the frames, bats, and shafts that give athletes an advantage.


The transportation market is seeking ways to meet the challenges of future performance standards by investing R&D efforts in lightweighting. Alcereco can help deliver new cost-effective alternatives to meet weight reduction goals through specialty alloys and composites.

Located in Kingston Ontario, Canada. Alcereco runs their main operations out of the former ALCAN Facility

A world-renowned

220,000-square-foot research and development facility (formerly Alcan’s global R&D headquarters) in Kingston, Ontario — hosts Grafoid’s graphene production facilities, research, development and testing laboratories, joint venture partners and subsidiaries.


The Grafoid Global Technology Centre is where business and commerce merge with graphene science and technology to transform new ideas to commercialized materials and products